Our Superhero Rules
Free illustration: Superman, Kid Hero, Superhero, Hero - Free ...
Free illustration: Superman, Kid Hero, Superhero, Hero - Free ...

  1. Listen when the teacher is talking
  2. Follow Directions
  3. Respect others and property
  4. Work and play safely
  5. Make smart choices

**Making smart choices includes being polite; don’t hurt anyone on the inside or the outside; raising your hand to speak or to get out of your seat
These classroom rules should be followed at all times. There will be rewards and positive recognition for following these expectations. Consequences is what will result when students choose not to follow these classroom expectations.
There will be a Superhero behavior chart posted in the classroom. Students will move their “clip” according to their classroom behavior:
Superhero Status- Blue
Soaring- Pink
Gaining Power- Purple
Ready to Fly (Learn)
Warning- Yellow
Danger Zone- Orange
Grounded- Red

Rewards: Praise, Stickers, Treats, Treasure Box, Positive Message Sent Home
Consequences: Talk with the teacher, time out, no treats, email/phone call home